Musical Applications Using XML

An IEEE Standard for Musical Applications Using XML

IEEE SAB PAR 1599: Definition of a Commonly Acceptable
Musical Application Using the XML Language
Scope: This project will develop an XML application
defining a standard language for symbolic music representation.
The language will be a meta-representation of music information
for describing and processing said music infromation within a
multilayered environment, for achieving integration among
structural, score, MIDI, and digital sound levels of representation.
Furthermore, the proposed standard should integrate music repre-
sentation with already defined and accepted common standards.
The standard will be accepted by any kind of software dealing
with music information, e.g. score editing, OMR systems,
music performance, musical databases, and composition and
musicological applications.
Purpose: There is currently no defined, independent
standard for representing music information that can describe
and process all the different layers which characterize music
information. For each layer of music information, there is one
or more accepted standards (e.g. MIDI for performances, NIFF
for notation and so on) and/or one or more proprietary formats.
None of them can be suitably applied to other layers. This
standard will make easier the integration, interchange, and
translation from one layer to another of music information
across different applications and even for different users.
IMS Project 02002: A Musical Application Standard
Using the XML Language For Intelligent Manufacturing of
Music For CDs, DVDs, WEB
ims logo
Abstract endorsed, 2002 (, -> Projects
-> endorsed abstracts -> 02002)
First International Conference MAX2002,
Musical Application Using XML, IEEE CS Conference,
September 19-20, 2002
Music XML Lite, Coordination and Feasibility
Study For the Full Project Music XML
Project financed by the Swiss IMS Secretariat,
February 2004

For further information contact:
Denis Baggi, or
Goffredo Haus

See also: The MX Standard


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