Information Assurance Standards Committee (IASC)

The IEEE Information Assurance Standards Committee (IASC) is chartered by the IEEE Computer Standards Activities Board to sponsor standards development in a wide range of areas benefiting global human society through timely delivery of information conditioned by confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, and non-repudiation. Every area of information technology (IT) is impacted by information assurance, and the IASC therefore develops standards jointly with other standards committees, such as the Storage Systems Standards Committee and the Software and Systems  Engineering Standards Committee, both of the IEEE Computer Society, in addition to collaborating with organizational units of ISO, ANSI, INCITS, NIST, CNSS, and a multitude of industry consortia.

These standards serve to enable and protect essential functions of society's critical infrastructure elements that relate to information technology (IT) in areas of defense, finance, commerce, healthcare, transportation, and energy. All of the tools of the IEEE and collaborations with organizations in IEEE, in other standards  development organizations, in government, in academia, and in industry are used to develop the best and most widely accepted standards in this area. IASC  develops standards that are meant to be global in reach.



   Information Assurance Standards Committee Chair:  
Eric Hibbard (Eric.Hibbard@HDS.COM)




IEEE Computer Society Information Assurance
Standards Committee Policies & Procedures



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