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Annette Reilly, 2014 Hans Karlsson Standard Award Recipient for contributions to systems and software engineering.

James W. Moore, SAB Vice President

Jim Moore has led IEEE, INCITS, and ISO/IEC standards efforts in areas including software engineering and computing security, and now serves as the Computer Society's liaison to the international committee for software and systems engineering standards. He has served the Computer Society as a Board member, as Treasurer, and in three Vice President roles, as well as serving as a member of the IEEE Board of Directors. He is the recipient of the IEEE 2011 Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award and the Computer Society's 2009 Hans Karlsson Award.

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| SAB Sponsored Projects

  • P1680 -- Environmental Assessment of Electronic Products
  • P1857 -- Audio Video Coding (Low Speed)
  • P3333 -- 3D Based Medical Applications

| SAB Policies and Procedures

  • SAB P&P for Board Activities (HTML)
  • SAB P&P for Standards Development (PDF)
  • SAB Handbook (HTML)
  • Baseline P&Ps for a sponsor (DOC)
  • Baseline P&Ps for an individual-based WG (DOC)
  • Baseline P&Ps for an entity-based WG (DOC)

| SA Policies and Procedures

  • IEEE-SA Standards Board By-Laws (HTML, PDF)
  • IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual (HTML, PDF)
  • Summary of changes approved by SASB/BOG in 2013 (PDF)
  • IEEE-SA Guidance on Standards Preparation and Editing (HTML)
  • IEEE-SA Guidance on Standards Development (HTML)



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E Hibbard
Eric Hibbard, Sponsor Chair of IEEE CS Information Assurance Standards Committee to receive INCITS' Merit Award for his contributions to Distributed Applications Platforms and Services and Cyber Security standards communities. Congratulations Eric Hibbard!

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