Get Your Journals as eBooks for Free

Did you know you can read your IEEE Computer Society journals on most smartphones, e-readers, and tablets by downloading them in the EPUB eBook format for free as part of your regular transactions subscription?
eBooks are as portable as print, but they give subscribers the added ability to:
  • search for keywords,
  • insert comments, and
  • use other advanced e-reader tools.
To access the eBook format of your transactions, simply:
  • navigate to the desired issue page in the Computer Society Digital Library while logged into your member account with a paid subscription,
  • select the option in the right-hand navigation bar to download the full issue as an eBook in EPUB format, and
  • transfer the downloaded issue to your device and begin viewing it.
Subscribers to OnlinePlus titles may also access eBook files on the archival CDs they receive by mail. OnlinePlus subscriptions are more affordable than print, and the included archival CDs feature the added bonus of MOBI format for Kindles. Want to subscribe? Simply visit the homepage of the journal you're interested in and click "Subscribe."
Applications that support reading EPUB files include:
For questions or comments about the IEEE Computer Society eBooks of periodicals, please give feedback using the CSDL feeback form.