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CompSAC and SAINT - 2009

In July, I had the privilege of presenting the opening remarks to the attendees of the 33nd COMPSAC Conference and the 9th SAINT Conference in Seattle, Washington. CompSAC is the Computer Society’s Signature Conference on Computers, Software and Applications and SAINT, co-sponsored with the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), is a premier symposium supporting applications and the Internet. The Information Processing Society of Japan and the IEEE Computer Society share a long-time and very positive affiliate relationship. 

Three keynote speakers presented during the week. Larry Smarr presented “Project GreenLight: Optimizing Cyberinfrastructure for a Carbon Constrained World”, Tony Hey presented “Programming the Cloud”, and Tatsuaki Okamoto presented “Towards Fine-Grained Secure Communications”. Conferences provide one of the many opportunities within the IEEE Computer Society where volunteers can help to support the Computer Society’s overall mission to advance the computing profession.
The IEEE Computer Society’s essential role is to provide a bridge between research and practice. Unique forums like CompSAC and SAINT serve industry by bringing to software engineering and other computing practices in industry the best thinking from theoretical computer science. The emphasis on multidisciplinary work, research and development of prototypes, industry-university collaborations, all based on new emerging and critical technologies, in turn inspires and informs next generation of computer scientists in academia.  
Through participation in these conferences, as either authors or participants, technical professionals can develop or apply technology to help improve global conditions. The work of many dedicated volunteers helped make CompSAC 2009 a success. Carl Chang chaired the 2009 COMPSAC and SAINT Steering Committees. This year’s COMPSAC General Chair is Tony Hey and Program Chairs are Elisa Bertino, Vladimir Getov and Lin Liu. The SAINT 2009 General are Chairs Darrell Long and Haruo Takemura. In addition, this year’s SAINT Program Chairs were Morris Chang and Kenichi Yoshida. The Computer Society is indebted to such dedicated volunteers who devote many hours of their valuable time to organize outstanding technical conferences. 
It was an honor to participate in this important international technical event and I look forward to continued collaboration between IPSJ and the IEEE Computer Society as CompSAC and SAINT are hosted in Seoul next year.
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