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2009 IEEE-CS Activities Update

As we near the final IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) Board of Governors meeting series of 2009, I thought it might be good to provide a few highlights of IEEE-CS Board activities in 2009. During the February session the IEEE-CS Executive Committee meeting the Vice Presidents were asked to present their top 3-5 goals and supporting initiatives for 2009. Throughout the year their efforts remained focused and this has provided us with a very productive year. 

Chapters Activities Board (CAB) and Membership: CAB, led by Vice President S.V. Sankaran, is operating with renewed vigor and continues to gain momentum looking forward to 2010. A few of this year’s highlights:

  • The Member Visit Program (MVP) was launched, to utilize regular visits of members to other regions or countries to easily organize technical activities at chapters. T.K. Ramesh is the first to inaugurate this in October with a technical talk to the Bangalore IEEE Section/IEEE-CS Chapter.
  • 3 new Chapters and 9 new Student Chapters were formed in 2009.
  • CAB continues to support the Distinguished Visitor Program (DVP) and Scholarships Awards programs.
  • Regional Chapter Coordinators continue efforts to reach out to IEEE- CS Chapters.

Educational Activities Board (EAB): EAB’s charter was expanded in 2008 into professional development and training. Alan Clements, Vice President EAB, has been working with EAB members to maintain ongoing efforts yet expand volunteer efforts into these new areas:

  • EAB is working to develop a proposal to support a new IEEE-CS competition. Thepurpose of the competition is to promote excellence in the design of a system by a team of students. 
  • Members of EAB are with IEEE-CS staff to develop Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) courseware. This courseware will provide training opportunities for software engineering professionals.

Professional Activities Board (PAB): This year, the Board of Governors created a Professional Activities Board to provide a focus for practitioner-oriented programs of the Society. Jim Moore is the Vice President for Professional Activities.

  • PAB’s IT Committee began defining a profession beyond the PAB initial portfolio of software engineering, maintained by the Software Engineering (SWE) Committee.
  • The PAB Planning Committee is working on a framework for defining additional computing disciplines and professions.
  • The PAB Certification Committee is refreshing the Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) exam with roll-out planned for first quarter of 2010.
  • The SWEBOK revision is underway, having assembled its editorial team, enlisted the support of the international standards committee for software engineering, and selected a tool for commenting.

Publications (Pubs): The Publications Board has been very active this year under the leadership of Vice President Sorel Reisman:

  • Worked during 2009 to successfully gain approval and launch a new publication, Transactions on Affective Computing.
  • Appointed almost 20 new editors-in-chief of our magazines, transactions, and books.
  • Created a work flow for the Plagiarism Investigation Committee.
  • Oversaw a dramatic rise in our journal citation rates.
  • Developed a Publications Board strategic plan recommending the creation of Special Interest Groups as a new and unique member benefit

Standards Activities Board (SAB): SAB, led by Vice President John Harauz, hosted an IEEE-CS Software Engineering Leadership Summit earlier this year. This meeting was held to support the Computer Society’s efforts to establish software engineering as a recognized engineering profession. The IEEE-CS currently supports a variety of SE-related programs (e.g., training, certification, SWEBOK, etc.). This meeting provided participants with the opportunity to share ongoing development efforts, outline areas of need, and support the development of a common outlook for coordinated SE work. Volunteers supporting standardization efforts remained very engaged throughout 2009. To highlight some of their more recent efforts:    

  • Gaming Technologies: SAB is participating in the MIT Emerging Technologies conference (EmTech 2009), 22-24 September, IEEE-sponsored breakout session: "Standards and serious games". LTC Bret Wilson is also organizing a follow-up workshop on Gaming Technology in Piscataway (Oct 2009).
  • Electronic Voting: IEEE SASB approved that CS SAB sponsor a new working group to complete P1622.  The scope of project P1622 is to develop electronic data interchange formats to be used by components of the voting system for exchange of electronic data.
  • Other areas of standardization: The SAB has been effective this year in efforts to keep the IEEE-CS portfolio current. They have also dedicated volunteer resources and have initiated efforts to support Smart Grid, Digital Personal Property, Cloud Computing, and collaboration with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Technical and Conference Activities (T&C): IEEE-CS Vice Presidents John Walz (T&C) and Sorel Reisman (Pubs), with the help of Past President Kasturi and Products & Services Director Evan Butterfield, developed a set of recommendations to maintain/improve the quality of conference articles in IEEE Xplore. The recommendations, categorized by different responsibility levels, assume that conferences and published proceedings are a positive contributor to research, information, and networking for the engineering and computer professional community. John Walz has agreed to be the IEEE representative for matters relating to quality associated with conferences and conferences publishing. In addition to working the issues associated with conference quality and conference publishing, T&C remained focused on the following throughout 2009:

  • Test piloting ways to host virtual Technical Meetings (TMs). As a way to increase industry participation and increasing business travel constraints.
  • Increasing transparency and streamlining the workflow between TC, Conference Steering Committee, Technical Meeting (TM) volunteers and staff.
  • Focusing on TC vitality by providing TC & TM leadership training and orientation.
I would like to thank all of the volunteers and staff who have worked so tirelessly to make 2009 a great year for the IEEE-CS as we look forward to 2010.


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