Economics of Cybersecurity Part 2

May/June 2016

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Cyberactors are increasingly adopting traditional and innovative security measures to protect valuable information in the cyberworld. Information--and any aspect of it, such as its abundance, distortion, misuse, and value — governs the cyberworld. In this context, new actors are emerging alongside traditional ones with an essential role for intermediaries, who aim to systematically identify, handle, filter, monitor, and disseminate information. Cyberactors' changing roles highlight how interaction approaches, business models, and organizational practices relate to cybersecurity economics. Read full article »

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Articles from IEEE Security & Privacy

Cleaning up Web 2.0's Security Mess-at Least Partly

Cleaning up Web 2.0's Security Mess-at Least Partly

Because Web 2.0 applications often result in novel exploits, data leaks, or identity theft, the solution is to understand the attacks and assess how best to prevent them. Read full article »

A Communications Jamming Taxonomy

A Communications Jamming Taxonomy

A taxonomy helps delineate between jamming in the original electronic warfare sense and wireless cybersecurity attacks, classifying communication jammers' theoretical behaviors and characteristics. Read full article »

A New Legal Framework for Online Anonymity: California’s Privacy-Based Approach

Mettle Fatigue: VW's Single-Point-of-Failure Ethics

After a year of denials, Volkswagen admitted in September 2015 that multiple makes and models of its diesel vehicles contained defeat device software. The decisions leading to "Dieselgate" involved a corruption of engineering ethics that the profession ought to address. Read full article »

Assessing the Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Assessments

Assessing the Federal Trade Commission's Privacy Assessments

"Assessments"—evaluations performed by outside accounting firms—are a key tool for regulators to detect privacy and security problems. However, these assessments are less intense than audits and fall short of what is needed to ensure that companies honor consumer privacy expectations. Read full article »


Authentication at Scale

Arguing that it's time to give up on elaborate password rules, Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay present a better way to achieve stronger user identification. Read full article »


Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw

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Silver Bullet Celebrates 10 Years! Marcus Ranum Interviews Gary McGraw
To celebrate 10 straight years of the monthly Silver Bullet Security Podcast, we're flipping the mic. During the past decade, Dr. Gary McGraw has interviewed some of the security industry's most influential gurus. A globally recognized authority on security and software, he is the CTO of Cigital and the author of eight bestselling books on software security — and for the 120th Silver Bullet interview, he's not the one asking the questions. In this landmark episode, firewall inventor Marcus Ranum takes on the role of Silver Bullet host to interview Gary on a variety of topics including evolutionary biology and security, the Internet of Things, hard-core cyber insurgency, advisory board work, software security, tinfoil hats, the surveillance state, and more.Watch Marcus and Gary celebrate a decade of Silver Bullet in this special podcast and video edition. More podcast episodes »