Video blog

Welcome to your community's new work in progress -- a video blog especially for the multimedia community! At the moment it is not fully a blog yet but rather a selection of video statements.

As the number of submissions from the community grows, we will polish it and obtain better software to improve interactions. For now, however, please enjoy the opinion on multimedia research and feel free to provide comments and responses or find out how to upload your audio or video comment via our ftp site.

These files will go through an approval process (to filter out spam) and then be posted. Please provide the audio or video in either an MP3 or Windows Media Player format. Potential audio or video topics could include demos of your work, your vision of what the future of multimedia holds, or what we as a community should primarily focus on.

Please feel free to be creative and take an innovative approach to your submissions. Also, check back frequently for updates.

It is our hope that this space will enhance our sense of community and facilitate the sharing of research and ideas. Additionally, it offers a place for the multimedia community to showcase their talents in a multimedia format. We look forward to hearing from you!

Submit your video!

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