IT-Enabled Business Innovation

March/April 2015

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To qualify as truly innovative, new IT applications must successfully achieve customer value cocreation, adoption, and acceptance. Without this, a new technology isn't an innovation; it's just a failed product or service that didn't gain traction. We're now well into an era in which significant competitive advantage is achievable from IT-enabled business innovation. This special issue was conceived as a vehicle for understanding some of today's issues and for looking at opportunities for tomorrow. The authors' contributions in all the articles have implications for IT-enabled innovations that go beyond the immediate application settings on which they report. A video discussing emerging service innovations is available at Read full article »

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Articles from IT Professional

Securing Health Information

Securing Health Information

With such widespread adoption of the use of electronic health records, this article addresses the job of securing those records in a world where data access is increasingly mobile. Read full article »

Protected Web Components: Hiding Sensitive Information in the Shadows

Protected Web Components: Hiding Sensitive Information in the Shadows

Read about a new strategy for defending against attacks that come in the form of third-party code embedded in JavaScript libraries and advertisements that are automatically allowed inside a page’s security systems. Read full article »


IT Enhances Football at World Cup 2014

Advanced technology provides greater accuracy in analysis of World Cup play. Read full article »

Call for Papers

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Publication: November/December 2015

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Submission deadline: 1 June 2015
Publication: January/February 2016

Emerging IT Trends in Healthcare and Well-Being
Submission deadline: 1 August 2015
Publication: March/April 2016

COMPSAC 2015 Symposium on IT in Practice
Submission deadline: 17 January 2015