IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Visual Computing and the Progress of Developing Countries

Final submissions due: 10 June 2015
Publication date: March/April 2016

Many countries' success is attributable to their technological advancements. In recent years, some developing countries have been experiencing technological growth, which might lead to reduced social, production, and environmental costs and to the improvement of their citizens' lives.

Visual computing can be used to advantage in virtually any area, such as engineering, health, industry, military, education, and government. So, visual-computing research might play a key role in technological growth of developing countries.

For this special issue, we're particularly interested in submissions describing innovative visual-computing applications in any area related to developing countries' progress. We consider visual computing in its broadest sense, including computer graphics, computer vision, imaging, modeling, and virtual and augmented reality.

We welcome submissions from both commercial and academic sources and from both researchers and practitioners, from any developing country, especially in Latin America, Africa, and BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). Topics of interests include, but aren't limited to, applications in

  • computer modeling,
  • graphics simulation,
  • computer imaging,
  • virtual and mixed reality,
  • computer animation,
  • computer vision,
  • scientific visualization,
  • visual analytics,
  • geographic information systems, and
  • human factors in visual computing.


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Submission Guidelines

Articles should be no more than eight magazine pages, where a page is 800 words and a quarter-page image counts as 200 words. Please cite only the 12 most relevant references, and consider providing technical background in sidebars for nonexpert readers. Color images are preferable and should be limited to 10. Visit the CG&A style and length guidelines at We also strongly encourage you to submit multimedia (videos, podcasts, and so on) to enhance your article. Visit the CG&A supplemental guidelines at

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