Computer, November 2007, pp. 38–45

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The Growing Impact of the CAP Theorem

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Service-Oriented Computing: State of the Art and Research Challenges

by Michael P. Papazoglou, Paolo Traverso, Schahram Dustdar, and Frank Leymann

The service-oriented computing (SOC) paradigm uses services to support the development of rapid, low-cost, interoperable, evolvable, and massively distributed applications. Services are autonomous, platform-independent entities that can be described, published, discovered, and loosely coupled in novel ways. They perform functions that range from answering simple requests to executing sophisticated business processes requiring peer-to-peer relationships among multiple layers of service consumers and providers. Any piece of code and any application component deployed on a system can be reused and transformed into a network-available service. FULL ARTICLE (login required) »

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