IEEE Micro, March/April 2011, pp. 86–95

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The GreenDroid Mobile Application Processor: An Architecture for Silicon's Dark Future

by Nathan Goulding-Hotta, Jack Sampson, Ganesh Venkatesh, Saturnino Garcia, Joe Auricchio, Po-Chao Huang, Manish Arora, Siddhartha Nath, Vikram Bhatt, Jonathan Babb, Steven Swanson, and Michael Bedford Taylor

The GreenDroid mobile application processor is a 45-nm multicore research prototype that targets the Android mobile-phone software stack and can execute general-purpose mobile programs with 11 times less energy than today's most energy-efficient designs, at similar or better performance levels. It does this through the use of a hundred or so automatically generated, highly specialized, energy-reducing cores, called conservation cores. Read More »

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