Conferences Group

  Liang-Jie Zhang (LJ)
  Kingdee, China
  Jia Zhang

Group Members
Pavan Balaji
  Jose-Ignacio Castillo-Velazquez
  Fawaz AL Hazemi    
  Gabor Kecskemeti
  Phanindra Mankale
  Jogesh Muppala
  San Murugesan
  Calton Pu
  Mooney Sherman
  Dimitrios Tsoumakos

CS Staff Experts
  Carrie Walsh
  Carmen Saliba

Goals and Scope

The Conferences group of CC STC actively organizes various forms of activities (panels, tutorials, forums, workshops) at CS Cloud Computing conferences and offers Technical Co-Sponsorship to significant Cloud Computing conferences. Such efforts are collaborated with the CS Technical & Conferences Activities Board.

CLOUD 2012 Videos

CLOUD 2012


GloudCom 2012



CS Cloud Computing Conferences

[News: 3/24/2013] CS CC STC is collaborating with and will have precense at the following IEEE Conference:

[News: 2/7/2013] CC CC STC will have precense at the following Cloud-Focused IEEE Conferences:

CS CC STC will provide Technical Co-Sponsorship to CLOUD 2013.