• I am very grateful to CiSE and the EIC, Lorena Barba, for the CiSE Service Award. I have always found CiSE to be a great home for publishing work at the intersection of computational science and software engineering, which is one of my interests. I look forward to the future with the magazine.

    Jeffrey C. Carver

    CiSE Associate Editor-in-Chief & CiSE 2022 Service Award Recipient
  • CiSE connects across fields to communicate and educate on the essential role of scientific computing in creating knowledge and applying it for the good of society. It is an interdisciplinary magazine, publishing regular columns and special issues dedicated to emerging themes in applied computing. CiSE aims to bolster computational reproducibility and open science, diversity and inclusion, and integrative data-enabled and computational research.

    Lorena Barba

    CiSE Editor-in-Chief


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    Since 1994, CiSE has covered topics relating to physics, medicine, astronomy, and more. The publication highlights how these hard sciences share a common need for efficient algorithms, system software, and computer architecture in order to address large computational problems.

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