Virtual and Hybrid Conference Support Services
Partner with Computer Society staff to solve your virtual event needs.

The IEEE Computer Society offers services and resources to help support conferences of all sizes and budgets in shifting to full-virtual or hybrid events that provide a strong experience for both on-site and remote attendees and presenters.

We offer virtual conference sites through the RD Mobile platform (, coupled with Zoom accounts for live sessions.

Key features include:

  • Session schedule with options for local or venue time, sponsored sessions, and attendees’ personal schedules;
  • Speaker directory with bios, contact details, and links to their sessions;
  • Attendee directory to allow users to network with colleagues [set preferences in personal profiles];
  • Exhibit booth pages for sponsors that support videos, social links, PDF or MP4 resources, and links to sponsored sessions;
  • Role-based access rights for sessions, site navigation links, and resources;
  • Threaded discussions for sessions;
  • Notifications and emails for outreach;
  • Email-based login managed by the platform;
  • Support for banner ads on key pages throughout the site; and
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android).

Read on for information about package options and timing.

Contact your meeting planner for information about pricing today.


Planning and Timeline

Running a conference with virtual components adds complexity. The individual steps in the process aren’t generally complicated, but allowing time from the start to absorb any delays or unexpected developments along the way offers the best road to success.


  1. We suggest scheduling a demo to view the platform at least 10-12 weeks before the conference, so that the committee has time to make the decision, and starting to build out your virtual conference site at least 8 weeks before the conference begins. We can provision a site within five business days of a formal request by the general chair.
  1. Set early deadlines for authors and presenters to send their final papers and video files – at least 4 weeks before the site will go live, for example.
  1. If you’re running a hybrid conference with in-person and virtual aspects, coordinate closely with your planner, audio-visual provider, and venue regarding necessary equipment, labor and high-bandwidth internet needs.
    • Note that these costs can add up quickly, so prepare your budget as well as your plans for timing and logistics.
  1. If you need Zoom licenses, please send your request no later than 3 weeks before the conference begins. We can provide them 10 business days before the start date, so that your team can practice and test in advance. Additional time may be needed to add Webinar or large-capacity Meeting accounts.
  1. For each session that will be live-streamed via Zoom or other services, you’ll need a session chair to moderate as well as a behind-the-scenes tech to host the session, share files, etc., so start identifying the team who will support those events early, as well.
    • Be sure to plan some back-up support in case anyone fails to show up for the live sessions.
  1. Decide in advance how you want to handle session recordings. Some conferences record the Zoom sessions and post them for on-demand viewing, and others post only the individual speaker presentations. Knowing your plans will help ensure that you also identify who will handle those tasks.
  1. If you have sponsors who will need virtual ‘exhibit booth’ pages, be sure to identify them early and request their logos, PDF collateral, video link, meeting scheduling app, etc.


Remember that good communication is key throughout the process to keep committee members, presenters, sponsors, and ultimately, attendees apprised as things evolve.


Choose Your Package

To get started, decide your preferred Level of Service:

  • Zoom-only: We can provide accounts for the conference at cost based on Zoom’s pricing. For any of the higher-level packages we can also provide additional Zoom accounts upon request.
  • Silver: We can provision a responsive virtual event site on the RD Mobile platform and the Eventsential mobile app, including up to 10 admin accounts and up to 10 Zoom Meeting accounts, admin training, and documentation so that your admin users can build out the full site.
  • Gold: Get all Silver-level benefits plus up to 10 additional Zoom accounts (20 total) and an assigned staff coordinator to assist with Zoom session set-up, provide live training for site admins and session Zoom hosts and session chairs, and upload session recordings for on-demand viewing in the virtual conference site.
  • Platinum: Get all Silver- and Gold-level benefits plus up to 10 additional Zoom accounts (30 total) and an assigned CS project manager who will upload session recordings by end of conference next day (Pacific Time), create individual session detail documents for session chairs and Zoom hosts, and provide emergency Zoom host support for up to two individual sessions per day.


Session Build Options

If you choose to go with the RD Mobile virtual platform, you can build out the conference site yourself or have the Computer Society do that for you.

Pricing for full support options is based on the number of sessions and associated resources and speakers and the number of virtual exhibit booths.

We will provide .csv files for you to send us your metadata, and we’ll use those details to build out the program schedule, session pages with links to video recordings and .PDF files, plus individual pages for all speakers.


Exhibitor Booth Options

If you have sponsors or exhibitors who would like virtual booth pages on the site, you can opt to have CS staff set up the booths for you with logo, social media links, an embedded video, contact links, links to any provided resource files, working directly with the exhibitors for updates and revisions.


Additional Options

  • Video server: We can provide an FTP directory to which your speakers can upload their .mp4 presentations. Those files can be stored on the server and embedded on the virtual conference site for on-demand viewing, as well as live-streamed during Zoom sessions.
  • API integration: An API integration can be established with registration systems to pull registrant data directly into the RD Mobile site. Preferred pricing is available for conferences using the Computer Society’s Conference Registration Services.
  • WordPress site: Computer Society-sponsored conferences now have access to ready-to-use WordPress sites hosted on the domain. The sites use a custom theme and a preconfigured template of navigation pages and a number of predesigned widgets for headers, calls to action, etc. that can be revised and edited as needed with the Elementor WP site-builder tool. Conference website and hosting are available free of charge for most sponsored conferences.


Get Started Today

If you are considering a virtual or hybrid conference, contact your assigned meeting planner to let them know. Computer Society virtual conference services staff can assist you in planning and can provide a quote for whatever services and resources you will need.