Remaining Technically Current Biggest Reason for Joining IEEE Computer Society

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 29 June, 2012 – The most important reason that members join the IEEE Computer Society is to remain technically current, followed by gaining access to publications and continuing education resources.
Of the 1,400 respondents to the IEEE Computer Society's annual member survey, 71 percent said they joined to remain technically current. Sixty-three percent said they joined to obtain Computer Society publications, and 43 percent to gain access to continuing education resources. 
The study was conducted through an online survey of current and past Computer Society members in May 2012. More than one-third of respondents describe themselves as software engineers, developers, computer engineers, computer scientists, or programmers; one fifth are professors or teachers, and 13 percent are engineers.
Nearly one-third of respondents work in private industry, with 13 percent of them serving in management positions. One quarter work in academia and 9 percent are self-employed.
The IEEE Computer Society conducts its annual member survey to make sure that the products and services it offers are in alignment with member needs and interests.
Underscoring the overall move from print to online in the publishing industry, 83 percent of respondents said they prefer digital formats to print. More than one-third of respondents also voiced interest in online communities.
Not surprisingly, 79 percent of respondents said they are most satisfied with the IEEE Computer Society's value in helping them remain technically current. Sixty-five percent said they are satisfied with the practical content offered through the Computer Society's publications and website. Fifty-four percent are satisfied with the continuing education opportunities offered and 49 percent with the Computer Society's support of standards development.

About IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society is the world’s leading membership organization for professionals in all aspects of modern computing – from cloud to big data, security to mobile, robotics to software defined systems, wearables to IoT. A true community for technology leaders, Computer Society provides resources to keep its members current in technology and moving forward in their professions – publications, a renowned digital library, a vast program of conferences, technical committees, and much more. The Computer Society also serves the profession at large through establishment of standards, professional qualifications and certifications, training and education programs, events on leading-edge technologies, conference publishing, and a wealth of other services and programs focused on advancing the science and art of computing. More information on IEEE Computer Society can be found at