Conferences Department Unveils Simplified Budget Process

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 6 August, 2010 – The IEEE Computer Society’s Conferences Operations Group is now offering a simplified budget process to help volunteers more efficiently manage financial filings for the conferences they organize.
The simplified budget process, approved by the IEEE Computer Society Technical and Conference Activities Board, is part of an initiative to streamline conference organizing processes. “The Computer Society’s staff is always looking for ways to minimize administrative processes required of our volunteers,” said Tom Baldwin, senior manager of meetings and conferences. “This simplified data submission approach will allow volunteers with experience in budgeting successful conferences to move quickly and easily through our budget review process, while still offering them budgeting support from our experienced staff. This is a win-win approach for everyone.”
The simplified budget process is available to established conferences that have operated without a deficit. It allows organizers to report totals in major expense and revenue categories, forgoing the requirement to fill in all financial data fields in the CIMA system. For full details, visit
New conferences and renewing conferences that ended in a deficit must still complete the full budget form within CIMA and undergo a detailed budget review.
For those electing to take advantage of the simplified budget processes, Computer Society meeting planners will only perform a high-level budget review based on the totals. They will not automatically review the details of budget files for accuracy, or require backup documentation to verify costs. However, additional budgeting assistance is available upon request.
The IEEE Computer Society annually sponsors a wide range of geographically diverse technical conferences, symposiums, and workshops dedicated to providing computing professionals with innovative forums designed to facilitate the identification, creation, capture, and exchange of peer-reviewed scientific and technological knowledge that benefits Computer Society members, the profession, and humanity.
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