Jones Named to ABET Committee

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 7 April, 2010 — CSAB Fellow Lawrence G. Jones has been elected to serve as Board Representative to the ABET Board Executive Committee, becoming the first computing professional to serve in that capacity.
Jones will be installed in the two-year post at the next ABET Board of Directors meeting in October. Currently, he serves as one of three CSAB representatives on the ABET Board, a position he will continue in after his installation, as the Board Liaison plays a dual role as both society representative and Executive Committee member.
Formerly an independent, recognized accreditor of postsecondary computing degree programs, CSAB merged its accrediting commission and related activities with ABET in 2001. Today, CSAB is the fourth-largest ABET member society, responsible for more than 330 accredited computing programs. This number has more than doubled over the past decade, and ABET and CSAB projections suggest it will double again by 2020.
“I am honored the ABET Board members elected me to serve as their representative to the Executive Committee,” said Jones, a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. “I hope to bring a new perspective to the committee, based both on my computing background and my recent service as ABET Accreditation Council Chair.”
Jones began his accreditation activities as a CSAB program evaluator in 1989, and has since served as a member of the CSAB Board of Directors, representing the Association for Computing Machinery, and as the Secretary-Treasurer of the organization.
Within ABET, Jones has served as Chair of the Computing Accreditation Commission, as well as Chair of the Accreditation Council, where he led the efforts to improve inter-commission cooperation leading to the harmonization of accreditation criteria and improved training of evaluators.
Jones was named both a Fellow of ABET and a Fellow of CSAB in October 2009.CSAB is the lead member society within ABET, which accredits degree programs in computer science, information systems, software engineering, and information technology. A federation of the Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society, it serves as a participating body of ABET, Inc., with three members on the ABET Board of Directors.
CSAB is the lead society within ABET for accreditation of degree programs in computer science, information systems, software engineering, and information technology, and is a cooperating society for accreditation of computer engineering, biological engineering, and information engineering technology. In this capacity, CSAB has responsibility for the development of accreditation criteria and for the selection and training of program evaluators.

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