New ReadyNote on Distributed Systems Engineering Available

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. , 1 February, 2010 – Distributed systems architects are almost always faced with compromises, working within and around existing circumstances as their systems often produce paradoxical behaviors. The IEEE Computer Society's newly released Distributed Systems Architecture and Specification is intended to aid in the design of distributed systems that are orders of magnitude faster, safer, and more secure. It is the second volume of the ReadyNotes Series in Distributed Systems Engineering by Norman R. Howes, and part of the growing collection of e-publications from the IEEE Computer Society Press.
Augmented by five straightforward architectural rules as well as detailed diagrams and formal mathematics, Distributed Systems Architecture and Specification is a quick-start reference ideal for graduate students and small, focused groups of system developers. The list price is $19, and the text is available at
Howes has over 35 years of project management experience while at Texas Instruments, Honeywell, E-Systems, Lockheed and the Institute for Defense Analyses. The last 25 years' experience has been in the area of high-performance distributed real-time systems. He is currently a consultant in the areas of distributed systems, cyber warfare command and control systems, and IT project management.
ReadyNotes are short, practical electronic publications from the IEEE Computer Society Press, focusing on hands-on advice for computing professionals, researchers, and students. Falling somewhere between academic papers and handbooks in length, these tutorials are periodically upgraded and available only in .PDF form, from the Computer Society Store at Other recently published titles include:
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