IEEE Software Magazine to Sponsor "Computing: The Human Experience"

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 23 December 2011 – IEEE Software magazine will be a media sponsor for "Computing: The Human Experience," a transmedia project being produced by longtime Software contributor and board member Grady Booch and his wife, Jan, a psychotherapist, social worker, and theologian.
Computing: The Human Experience"Computing: The Human Experience" is intended to engage audiences of all ages in the story of the technology that has changed humanity. Computing will teach the essential science of computing, present the stories of the people, events, and inventions in the history of computing, examine the connections among computing, science, and society, and contemplate the future.
Computing is being developed as a multipart series for broadcast together with a book, an eBook, a series of apps, associated informational and social networking websites, and curriculum materials. Initial seed funding is being raised with a Kickstarter project.
To contribute to the project by the 2 January deadline, visit The project is also seeking volunteers to help with research, interviews, and programming—"everything it takes to bring the story of computing to the world," according to the project description.
"Computing: The Human Experience" expects to do for computing what Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" did for humanity's appreciation of the universe. The project will trace computing's past and present to determine how we've been shaped by computing, as well as computing's potential to shape future generations.
"In just one or two generations – an imperceptible time in the timeless sweep of the universe," notes Booch, "we have created a technology that has the power to extend us, to transform us, to define us, perhaps even to destroy us. Just think about it: there is practically nothing you see or do in your daily life that is NOT created, supported, delivered or impacted by computing."
Booch further observes, "The story of computing is the story of humanity: this is a story of ambition, invention, creativity, vision, avarice and serendipity, powered by a refusal to accept the limits of our bodies and our minds." 
Booch, an IBM Fellow and IBM Research Chief Scientist for Software Engineering, is one of the original inventors of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The author of six best-selling books, he is also the author of IEEE Software's On Architecture column and podcast series.
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