CS Press ReadyNote Covers Agile for Executives

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 11 May, 2010 – Putting special emphasis on the operational, financial, and business benefits of agile methods, Israel Gat has produced an accessible, to-the-point guide to “the most productive technology your business is not using.”
Published by the IEEE Computer Society Press, The Concise Executive Guide to Agile covers four main topics: the rationale for agile, as well as implementing it, fitting it into a company, and scaling it to the enterprise level. The guide targets executives working in every function that agile affects, from research and development, marketing, sales, and program management to professional services, customer support, finance, and IT, providing them with the concepts and principles they need to become effective with agile initiatives.
"It is my intent to drive a point home and make it clear to the reader what he/she could do with the information in as few words as possible,” said Gat, adding that the ReadyNote is concise enough to be read and understood during a typical US cross-country flight. “Something has not quite worked if you need to fly all the way from the US to Europe or vice versa in order to comprehend the guide,” he said.
The ReadyNote also touches on Gat’s research for the global IT advisory firm Cutter Consortium in analyzing technical debt and applying it as an integral part of software project governance.
Gat's executive career has spanned top technology companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Digital, BMC, and EMC. He led the development of products such as the BMC Performance Manager and Microsoft Operations Manager, enabling the two companies to move on to the next generation of system management technology. He is also well-versed in growing smaller companies and has held advisory and venture capital positions for companies in new, high-growth markets.
Gat holds a PhD in computer sciences from the Israeli Institute of Technology and an MBA from Clark University. In addition to publishing with the IEEE Computer Society and the Cutter Consortium, he posts frequently in The Agile Executive and tweets as agile_exec.
Available as an easy-to-read .PDF download, The Concise Executive Guide to Agile can be purchased at the IEEE Computer Society’s online store (computer.org/store). A Kindle version will be available in June.

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