Meet the Candidates for 2020 Second Vice-President
The opinions expressed in the statements are those of the individual candidates and do not necessarily reflect Computer Society positions or policies.



Position statement.  The IEEE Computer Society(CS) is the leading technical society, serving its members by providing products and services in the computer science and engineering discipline. The Society is always striving to meet the needs of computing professionals to stay technically current by providing up-to-date technical information. The society faces significant challenges with the rapid and continuous growth of the computer industry. To help members respond to those challenges, the career support that the Society can uniquely provide is needed. The Society affords great value to academics and researchers through publications and conferences. The Society must be equally strong in providing support to practitioners where they face new challenges each day. Our products and services must be responsive to the diverse needs of its membership worldwide.

As a current Board member and vice treasurer, I actively participate in the professional and educational activities as well as the financial planning. If elected as the second vice president, I will support these and other ideas that create more value for members: 1) help members stay attuned to changing technology. Because a lot of our members are practitioners, it is important to develop products and services to serve their needs to keep abreast of new developments and knowledge, 2) enhance services, enlarge membership, and promote high quality publications and conferences, 3) develop relevant products, programs, and services targeted to underserved populations such as practitioners, young professionals, women, and members living in economically stressed areas of the world.

If elected as the IEEE CS second vice president, I will enthusiastically bring out new services and products, take an optimistic outlook to long-term planning, and support efforts in pursuit of financial responsibility. I will also work diligently to continue to provide Society products at their premier quality level and to increase our professional membership and prestige worldwide.



Biography.  Sy-Yen Kuo is currently on the IEEE Computer Society(CS) Board of Governors(2017-2020) and the IEEE Fellow committee(2018-2020). He also serves as the IEEE CS Vice Treasure and the Finance Chair of Publications Board. He was the Chair of IEEE Taipei Section and is still a member of the Board of Directors. He was in the steering committee of IEEE CS Technical Committee on Fault Tolerant Computing, a member of IEEE CS Fellow Committee and Education Awards Committee, associate/guest editors of several IEEE journals, and general/program chairs of IEEE conferences. He has been an IEEE Fellow since 2001 for contributions in dependable computing. He is an IEEE CS member for 35 years and was awarded the Golden Core Member in 2018.

He received the PhD(1987) and the Distinguished Academic Achievement Alumni Award(2019) in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds the Pegatron Chair Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University(NTU) and was chairman of that department(2001-2004).  He was Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(EECS) at NTU(2012-2015). Under his leadership, the EECS programs at NTU have ranked in the top 20 to 40 by several world ranking organizations. He was a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona(1988-1991), and a software engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor and Silvar-Lisco in California(1982-1984).

His research interests include dependable and secure systems, and quantum computing. He has published 145 journal papers and about 300 conference papers, and holds 24 US patents, 23 Taiwan patents, and 10 patents in other countries. He also collaborates with industry extensively. He received Distinguished Research Awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, and the US National Science Foundation’s Research Initiation Award. He received best paper awards from several IEEE conferences.



Position statement.  Dissemination of scientific knowledge and interaction among researchers and practitioners are essential ingredients for technology advancement in both academia and industry; CS is at the forefront in these endeavors. More than ever its success is indeed the success of all of its constituencies; so, the CS must continue to be inclusively collaborating with other professional organizations to proactively anticipate the diverse needs of its members. My first and only priority is and will remain to provide the best service to our members for enhancing their professional growth. My objectives are very ambitious; the improvement of activities and services must reflect the needs and wishes of our members. The CS must reinvent itself as a more efficient enterprise by competitively operating as a responsive leading organization; I will pursue initiatives under novel operational paradigms that take into account the most emerging developments in technology, education and professional trends. I will foster changes to keep pace with a world in rapid transformation and with new interests and goals to account for geographic diversity. My past accomplishments in publications and conferences are proof of my capabilities; through effective communication, proven leadership, and timely planning I will contribute as the Second Vice President of the CS to enable, facilitate and expand compelling new initiatives to all members; I will help to enhance existing organizational structures, improve service and products across technical areas and geographic locations. Engaging volunteers, moving into new technical frontiers, enlarging student activities, these are few of the endeavors that I will be honored to pursue by fostering a collegiate discussion and efficient resolution. My background in technology, education and management will add a further prospective in helping to shape our Society. Respectfully, I ask for your vote for becoming the 2nd VP.



Biography.  Fabrizio Lombardi holds the International Test Conference Endowed Chair at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston. He has a Bachelor of Science (Honors) from the University of Essex in England and a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering from University College London; Lombardi is an IEEE Fellow, a HKN member and twice a Computer Society (CS) Distinguished Visitor. He enjoys teaching, supervises graduate students and Post-Docs and pursues joint research with many international collaborators on innovative computing paradigms.

Lombardi was a two-term Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Computers and the inaugural Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing; currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology. For all these three periodicals, his leadership has resulted in substantial improvements in qualitative/quantitative metrics such as impact factor, selectivity and number of submissions. Moreover he has been a Guest Editor of 18 Special Issues in IEEE Transactions and Magazines. He has been appointed to Executive Boards of non-profit organizations as well as the CS (as an elected two-term member of its Board of Governors (2012-2017)) and the IEEE. Lombardi is currently serving as the CS Vice President for Publications and member of the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board.

Lombardi has extensively published in computer engineering (more than 750 papers of which more than 150 IEEE Transactions); his research has been funded by state/federal agencies and industry at national and international levels. He has also received two IEEE Meritorious Service Awards, the CS Golden Core Award, five IEEE Certificates of Appreciation and the 2019 IEEE Nanotechnology Council Meritorious Service Award. Lombardi is the recipient of research awards from industry, the Engineering Foundation and the Canadian and Japanese Governments; he also serves as a consultant on matters related to education, technology and corporate strategies.