IEEE Computer Society Elections FAQ

Learn more about the IEEE Computer Society elections.


How do I verify the voting link for CS elections?

  1. Access the voting link from the Computer Society Election page.
  2. Copy and paste the voting link: into your browser (or type it in the browser), and it will take you directly to the voting site.
  3. Go to the IEEE website and click on the IEEE Computer Society Election link from there; it will take you to the voting site.

Am I eligible to vote?

Only voting members of the IEEE on record on 8 June holding the membership grade of Graduate Student Member (GSM) or higher are eligible to vote.

Where can I print or download candidates' information online?

Download or print candidates’ bios and position statements in PDF format from Computer‘s August edition.

When will I receive my ballot?

IEEE Computer Society Annual Election paper ballots will be mailed to all eligible voting members who have requested not to receive an email, as well as to those who do not have an email address on record with the IEEE Computer Society, Monday 8 August 2022 via first-class mail. All eligible voting members who have an email address on record with the Society will receive electronic access to ballot materials beginning 12:01 AM Monday, 8 August 2022 from sender

How do I access my ballot electronically?

Eligible voting members may access their ballots electronically. To authenticate access, please have your IEEE web account login ID and password readily available. If you are voting from the email notice you received, simply click on the voting URL:, provided in the email message and enter your IEEE web account login and password.

What is the deadline for paper ballot and electronic ballot receipt?

All paper and electronic ballots for the 2022 IEEE Computer Society Annual Election must be received by IEEE Technical Activities by Monday, 12 September 2022, 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time USA to be counted.

I have already mailed in my ballot. Am I supposed to return it electronically?

No. If you have mailed in your paper ballot, DO NOT VOTE electronically.

I have already voted online. Should I mail in my paper ballot as well?

No. If you have voted electronically DO NOT return your paper ballot.

I have not received my ballot package in the mail yet. How do I request one?

All eligible voting members on record after the 8 June 2022 grade elevation cut-off date and who had an email address on record with the Society received an electronic ballot via email. (Undergraduate students are not eligible to vote in the Society election.) If you requested not to receive electronic communication from the Society or do not have an email address on record with the Society, and have not received a paper ballot, call +1 732 562 3904 or send an email to for a replacement ballot.

How long before my voting session times out?

The session will end after 30 minutes of inactivity (i.e. not pressing any button in the application) and return you to the login screen.

How do I access the voting survey link after logging out of the voting site?

Email to request the IEEE Computer Society Voter Satisfaction Survey link.

Where can I sign up for the Presidential Town Hall?

You must Register to attend the Annual CS Presidential Town Hall each year.

The Zoom dial-in information will be emailed to the attendees before the event.

Click here to Watch the 2022 Presidential Town Hall

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