SWEBOK V4 Public Review

The IEEE Computer Society Professional & Educational Activities Board (PEAB) SWEBOK Evolution Team seeks public review comments for Version 4 of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK). This guide spells out components of the software engineering discipline, promoting a consistent view of software engineering worldwide.

The newest version of the SWEBOK Guide includes new topic areas, updated topic descriptions, and the retirement of topics that are no longer relevant. Especially, agile (and DevOps) have been incorporated into many knowledge areas (KAs) since these models have been widely accepted since the last publication of SWEBOK. Three new knowledge areas (i.e., Software Architecture, Software Operation, and Software Security) guide foundational knowledge in software engineering. The new guide will better integrate the related disciplines and rename and distribute some material into different knowledge areas. V4’s table of contents is shown in the following figure.

Software practitioners worldwide participate in the Guide’s development to ensure that it captures established traditional practices recommended by many organizations. The SWEBOK Guide uses a rigorous process that includes successive levels of review. Each of the seventeen KAs will be published as they become available for review.

Drafts of six knowledge areas are now available for review: Software Requirements, Software Testing, Software Configuration Management, Software Engineering Management, Software Engineering Professional Practice, and Software Engineering Economics. Please review the drafts, and input your comments in the following form by Feb 23rd, 2022. In your comments, please indicate line numbers, topic area, section, or subsection if you specifically refer to some parts of the target knowledge area. The input data will be used for SWEBOK V4 editing purposes only. If you have more than five comments, please use the following form multiple times. Please note that all chapters will be finally edited and layout consistently and adequately.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this review procedure at swebok-contact@list.waseda.jp (Hironori Washizaki, IEEE Computer Society Vice President for PEAB, SWEBOK V4 Evolution Team Chair).

SWEBOK V4 Drafts in PDF: https://waseda.box.com/v/ieee-cs-swebok/
SWEBOK V4 Public Review Form: https://forms.gle/pV52Vwfv4ooo9oLi8
Reference: SWEBOK V3

Public review for the SWEBOK V4 draft is currently suspended. It will be restarted soon.

The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge(SWEBoK Guide) describes generally accepted knowledge about software engineering. Its 15 knowledge areas (KAs) summarize basic concepts and provide references to further information and resources. The IEEE Computer Society published the first edition of the SWEBoK Guide in 2004, toward the larger goal of defining software engineering as a profession. The current edition, SWEBoK V3.0, was published in 2014. SWEBoK is freely available to all in a variety of forms. The IEEE Computer Society publishes it as a (PDF) document. SWEBoK V3.0 has also gained international recognition as ISO/IEC Technical Report 19759:2015.

In 2016, the IEEE Computer Society began work on the next iteration of SWEBoK with a virtual town hall meeting in August. Contributions and feedback from across the community of SWEBoK users were shared with the SWEEBoK Evolution team.

In November, an organizational meeting took place at the IEEE CS offices in Los Alamitos to establish the processes for the way forward. Since its first edition, SWEBoK has been a community effort. Contributors worldwide worked on the 2004 SWEBoK Guide, with the help of many software practitioners. For SWEBoK V3.0, the editors received and responded to the comments of approximately 150 reviewers from 33 countries. The SWEBoK Evolution will continue the tradition to use the transparent and open consensus process that has been an integral part of SWEBoK. Future releases of SWEBoK will be incremental (e.g., twice per year) and will be available as a public wiki.

If you are interested in participating in the SWEBoK Evolution (e.g., as reviewer or contributor) or for further information, contact Professor Hironori Washizaki.