Professional & Educational Activities Board Roster
Meet the members who make up the Professional & Educational Activities Board.

2019 PEAB Members

Kunio Uchiyama

PEAB Chair
Kunio Uchiyama, VP of Professional and Educational Activities




Professional Educational Products Committee (PED) Chair

  • Yathi Tarikere

Business Development Committee (BD) Chair

  • Yoshio Miki

Curriculum and Accreditation Committee (CA) Chair

  • Allen Parrish

Enterprise Information Technology Committee (EIT) Chair

  • Rich Hilliard

Engineering Disciplines Committee (ED) Chair

  • Hironori Washizaki

Member at Large

  • Sao-Jie Chen


  • Akinori Ihara
  • Kiyoshi Honda

IEEE Computer Society Staff

  • Sunny Hwang
  • Michelle Phon