Future of Workforce Report - A Technological Perspective
An overview of how the world’s workforce is changing over the next decade and how to prepare for it.

Understand Current Trends and Prepare Your Organization

Leading technological organizations risk not meeting their future needs unless leaders of today understand where action is needed. Although each region faces unique challenges, overarching global trends impacting industry, academia, and government were clear. Over the past two years, the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee reached out to over 10,000 engineering professionals and heard from over 200 panelists from all over the world to gain an understanding of the workforce challenges the community is facing. Download the report to see the results of this project. What you’ll get:
  • Expectations for current knowledge gaps among professionals and industry needs in different regions
  • Recommendations for how to adjust workforce hiring practices to attract and retain scarce talent
  • How and where to focus staff training and education
  • Understand near term changes needed to ensure the right mix of knowledge and know-how in employees
  • List of societal impacts to consider before making any long-term decisions
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The Future of the Technological Workforce

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