Metaverse – A Fictitious Day in the Life of an Engineer

Saurabh Sharma
Published 04/12/2022
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A Fictitious Day in the Life of an EngineerThe Tech world is buzzing with a new niche term, ‘Metaverse.’ Almost everyone is talking about it.

Metaverse is a concept of an online, persistent, 3D universe that associates multiple virtual spaces.

You can consider it a futuristic iteration of the internet. The Metaverse will enable users to meet, work, socialize, and play games together in these virtual 3D spaces.

Although the Metaverse does not yet wholly exist, few platforms offer metaverse-like elements. However, we have several video games that provide a metaverse-like experience to their users.



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Mobile app development companies are putting a lot of effort into pushing the boundaries by creating virtual economies, properties, hosting games, etc.

However, have you ever thought about how the evolution of the Metaverse will influence our life?

Let’s have a glimpse of it, and we are presenting an imaginary scenario of an Engineer’s Life in the Metaverse.

Kathy got up early as she was supposed to join an engineering team meeting. Her team is spread out between Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, San Francisco, and London.

She brought up her AI-aided personal assistant Emilie and ordered her, “Emilie, can you get me a Café Latte”? She put up her AR smart glasses, and there she got a glimpse of Emilie, a human-like virtual avatar.

Emilie placed the order at the nearby coffee shop and made the payment using virtual currency.

In the meantime, Kathy was preparing her virtual 3D conference room; she brought up her work avatar, well-dressed in professional attire.

She changed the background landscape to make it more soothing and professional. In the meantime, she got her coffee as well.

The meeting started, and her boss Dean was standing in the center, while her subordinates Sameer and Lisa popped up near her, and offshore teams also appeared in the 3D space.

Daily operations connected the call, and all of them provided updates to their leadership.

Kathy, who is working on an industrial automation project, floated a 3D Chart in the air showing all project milestones and dependencies for their next release.

Dean reviewed the milestones and asked the rest of the groups to share their concerns and comments. Fortunately, they were satisfied with the project’s progress, and none of them raised any doubts.

Once the daily status part was done, Karthikeyan, the VP of Customer Services, appeared on the screen and started sharing the challenges his team was experiencing.

He said, “Our software is known for automating various industrial workflows and processes. We have got numerous complaints from our client in Germany. We worked on it and found that there was some glitch in our control system.”

“Kathy, we need someone from your team to figure out what’s going on. This is impacting the production assembly line of our client, and it must be a top priority.”

Kathy asked if the Berlin team was troubleshooting this issue, to which Paul responded that his team was already in touch with the on-site engineers and making necessary changes in the module, which must be fixed in a couple of hours.

The meeting ended, and both Kathy and Paul connected again while the on-site engineer Noah was also patched in.

Noah simulated the entire process using the simulated robotic arm and then showed how the controller system was halting due to some glitch.

Kathy asked Rajiv from Bangalore to join the call. He is known as the best debugger on the team. Rajiv joined the meeting and immediately provided an update about this ongoing issue.

Rajiv invoked Matra, an AI-troubleshooter that helped him understand complex interfaces between all the control systems, and then offered some handy diagnostic tips on the screen.

After an hour, they got a notification that the plant was on a production break. This was the opportunity they were waiting for. Both Kathy and Rajiv moved to the projection model.

They found themselves inside the physical manufacturing unit. Noah was no longer in avatar form, as he was physically present there.

Kathy and Rajiv both felt as if they are roaming inside the production plant. However, they had limited mobility based on the portable hologram projector brought in by Noah.

Mantra, the AI avatar, was also there to help them. Noah pointed out the problem and asked Mantra to display the code objects that created issues for control system interfaces.

Mantra popped up various holographic objects, which were modules connected by thousands of lines. There, every line represented the interaction and exchange of data between those modules.

Using her hand controls, Kathy zoomed in on the lines between modules 10 and 11. Then, she murmured, “change the color code and show me the values” the lines started changing the colors, and values were visible there.

Kathy was able to see the code moving back and forth, then she zoomed in further and started analyzing the code which was creating this issue.

Suddenly she cheered, “I think I have got the problem with this code” Rajiv nodded in acceptance and immediately started working on the remediation of the issue.

Finally, they understood the issue, made some critical changes in the code, and then simulated it in their AI environment to observe the outcome.

Thankfully, everything went well, and now they need to push this patch into the system. They were aware that such updates couldn’t be pushed while production was going on, so they decided to wait for an hour. They sent a notification flashing on the virtual billboard, “Patch will be updated in 1 hour.”

After an hour, they pushed the patch into the system and asked Noah to work on an automation arm to understand its behavior. Noah checked the automation arm, performed all sorts of maneuvering, and cheered in joy, “Yeah, it fixed.”

Kathy and Rajiv smiled, appreciated Noah’s efforts, and decided to disconnect the call. Kathy was feeling a little tired, and she asked Emilie to serve her another cup of her favorite Café Latte, and then she retired for the day.


About the Author

Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app & web development company. He has two years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.


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