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Published 03/24/2021
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Computer programmer sitting at a desk writing lines of codeThank you for your interest in contributing a guest article to the IEEE Computer Society’s blog, Tech News.

Your article contribution will reach the millions of researchers, professionals, and students searching for information on developments in complementary fields, methodology, career advice, and industry news.

We encourage everyone to submit their ideas and articles for consideration. Articles submitted by IEEE Computer Society members receive priority consideration.


Article Topic Categories

  • Response to current research and news
  • Ethics considerations in new technology
  • Diversity and inclusion in the computing community
  • Problems, solutions, and best practices
  • IT career development and advice
  • Best practices and standards [in your field]
  • Top things to watch [in your field]
  • What to know [in your field]
  • Explanations/overviews of top-level technology areas
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computer Hardware
    • Emerging Topics in Computing
    • Graphics and Multimedia
    • Internet and Data Technology
    • IT and Security
    • Mobile Computing
    • Networking
    • Scientific Computing
    • Software
    • Sustainable Computing



  • Article length: approximately 1,000 words.
  • Language: Standard American English.
  • Tone: informal, professional.
  • Attribution: Data, quotations, images, and supporting content should be properly attributed.
  • Links: No more than 4-6 links. Use links to authoritative content, including 1-2 links to existing content on and no more than one link to a company website.
  • Structure: Paragraphs should be concise and free of run-on sentences. Each paragraph should be limited to 4-6 sentences. Section headers should title case and formatted as H2, H3, H4 where necessary. Use Oxford commas.
  • Editing & Spelling: Ensure correct spelling (e.g. JavaScript not Javascript). It’s helpful to run your article through Grammarly, LanguageTool, or another platform to check spelling and grammar.
  • Republishing: We will not republish content previously shared on your personal blog or any other online platform.
  • Plagiarism: All submitted content is scanned for originality and proper attribution. Make sure your content is not plagiarizing another person’s intellectual property.
  • Publishing: The IEEE Computer Society publishes content at its discretion, and we do not guarantee your submission will be accepted and published.


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