Black History Month 2022 – Black Health & Wellness

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 02/01/2022
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Celebrating Black excelling in 2022Almost 100 years ago, Carter G. Woodson initiated Black History Month to bring attention to and educate on the innumerable contributions by African-Americans to the culture, economy, and innovations of the United States. Beginning in 1976, every US president has annually endorsed February as the time to celebrate Black History Month, along with an overarching theme.

The theme for 2022 is “Black Health and Wellness.” This year’s theme not only celebrates the accomplishments of Black medical professionals in medicine and the legacy of traditional healing modalities throughout the African diaspora, but also examines how the healthcare system has underserved black and African-American communities.


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To help increase awareness, the IEEE Computer Society will share weekly articles from our Digital Library pertaining to health and education affecting African-Americans. We kick off this month with an article from the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp), “DeepTrace, Improving Pandemic Health Care by Identifying Disparities and Determinants” by Jinwei Liu, Richard A. Alo, and Yohn Jaira Parra Bautistisa from the Department of Computer Sciences, Florida A&M University.

This research provides new strategies for determining health determinants. The goal is to improve pandemic health care by providing a thorough analysis of health disparities and diets based on multiple COVID-19 datasets. We examine structural, social, and constructural health determinants to ascertain why disparities [in racial and ethnic minorities who are particularly disadvantaged] occur in infection and death rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We trace determinants of nutrition and obesity through diet examination. Black Americans have a long-standing history of disadvantage (e.g., disparities in health outcomes) and are in a vulnerable position to experience this pandemic’s impact. Prior research indicates high risk and vulnerability of the elderly and patients with underlying co-morbidities, but little research paid attention to tracing the social, structural, and constructural health determinants. Extensive experimental results show the effectiveness of DeepTrace in this effort.


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