5 Trending Conversations in Collabratec Waiting for Your Voice

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 10/26/2022
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Top threads in CollabratecWhether you’re looking to advance your career, attend tech conferences, expand your knowledge, or just enjoy a conversation with someone who shares your interests, networking is everything.

IEEE makes networking within the computer science industry more accessible than ever by bringing members together in our online Collabratec communities.

Collabratec is a hub for publishing work, finding opportunities in your field, and staying on top of the latest industry trends and events. We’ve rounded up five hot topics on the platform. Your expertise, ideas, and curiosity might be precisely what these conversations are looking for!


1. How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact the Future of Business?

A few major new players in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing seem poised to change the way we do business. A poll in the Artificial Intelligence Community on Collabratec asks:

Which AI or machine learning tool will benefit businesses most: Blenderbot, GPT-3, Dall-3, Other, or None?

One user expressed that the use of AI comes with too much statistical ambiguity — possibly more than most businesses are willing to risk.

Another notes that GPT-3’s impressive writing capability positions it to grow in influence in the business world.

As of publication, “None” is in the lead. Can you make a case for a different answer?



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2. Flex your Skills With a Math Puzzle

The IEEE Puzzlers community engages with brainteasers and math puzzles at various difficulty levels. Get recognized for sharing the correct answer in missing number puzzles, logic games, and “mok clocks.” You can even create your own puzzles or try to make it onto the leaderboard! If you’re a whiz with logic puzzles, you can try to challenge the current leaders for a new high score.


3. What Are You Working On?

Join the dozens of members sharing exciting insights about their current work in the geographically specific communities within Collabratec. You just might find someone trying to solve a problem that relates to your work or an expert in an area you’ve been hoping to explore. In the Europe Technology Network community, members have shared overviews of work, including an algorithm to connect professionals based on their business mission, a battery exchange module for delivery vans, and an optical processor with high-level modeling.


4. What’s Your Opinion on Student Debt Relief?

A variety of global perspectives are having some healthy debate about the recent announcement of large-scale student debt relief in the United States. Some members are thrilled to see the U.S. investing in people’s right to learn and expand their knowledge, while others are concerned about broader economic impacts like inflation. Others still wonder how much relief matters when tuitions remain higher than ever. What do you think?


5. IEEE Publishing Tips

Staff from IEEE Publications are sharing advice for members looking to publish their research. Raise your questions, find calls for submissions, read other members’ published work, and gain valuable insights into the publishing process.

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