Spin-Based Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Physicists Achieve Tunable Spin Wave Excitation

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Published 09/16/2020
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Magnon Excitation

Magnon excitation. Credit: Daria Sokol/MIPT Press Office

New methods for controlling spin waves in nanostructured bismuth iron garnet films via short laser pulses have been presented in Nano Letters. Demonstrated by physicists from MIPT and the Russian Quantum Center, and colleagues from Saratov State University and Michigan Technological University, this solution will have an impact on energy-efficient information transfer and spin-based quantum computing.

This new approach allows characteristics and variables to be examined independently. Varying parameters allow more control over the type of spin waves with an improved launch efficiency.

Learn more about how these new methods are altering the potential for magnetic data processing and quantum computing – read the article here.