Quantum Computing and Quantum Supremacy

News Provided By: Bernard Marr at Forbes

How do we define Quantum computing and Quantum supremacy?

Quantum computers –computers capable of using “superposition” at the quantum level thereby running models with particles existing in multiple states at once. Instantly making them more powerful than the traditional computing with “qubits”.

Quantum supremacy –Per Google, the point at which a quantum computer can perform a task that would be impossible for a conventional computer (or would take so long it would be entirely impractical for a conventional computer).


What Is Quantum Supremacy And Quantum Computing? (And How Excited Should We Be?)


Many industry leaders are now investing significantly in research and development of quantum computers to achieve quantum supremacy; including Google, Microsoft, IBM and others. IBM and Google have even publicly disagreed with just how much potential there is in quantum computing.
Quantum computing is still largely theoretical and in the early stages of research. However, this has not stopped some from making their predictions on how quantum computing will change our lives.

Bernard Barr, contributor at Forbes, predicts:

  • Strengthening cyber security.
  • Accelerating artificial intelligence.
  • Modeling traffic flows to improve our cities.
  • Making the weather forecast more accurate.
  • Developing new medicines.

Read his full predictions at Forbes today.