meSchup: A Platform for Programming Interconnected Smart Things

By Lori Cameron
Published 12/12/2017
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Smart city and internet concept.Technology and communication in urban landscape.

In a future where hundreds of smart networked devices will be embedded in our everyday environments, the question of how to program the world around us arises.

In the article “meSchup: A Platform for Programming Interconnected Smart Things,” (login required for full text) which appears in the November 2017 issue of Computer magazine, researchers describe an abstraction layer and web-based integrated development environment, which can interweave available smart things’ capabilities into a collective orchestration of smart behavior.

“Developing software for the IoT, programming the world that surrounds us, and creating innovative applications that impact our everyday life are enormous challenges. Current programming approaches, best practices, and development environments and tools are not sufficient to efficiently support an orchestrated network of smart devices. We believe it is essential to build on existing skills (such as web development) and utilize online infrastructures (such as a web-based IDE) to lower the entrance barrier,” the new study says.



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