Gems of Computer Hardware: Influential Papers from the Early 2000s

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 05/19/2023
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Top 22 influential peer-reviewed articles on computer hardware from the last 20 years.The early 2000s was a time of significant development and innovation in computer science. The IEEE Computer Society played an essential role in shaping the direction of computing research during this period. Influential research papers were published that paved the way for new technological advancements.

This article shares 22 of the most popular research papers published by IEEE Computer Society in the early 2000s that impacted computer hardware. These papers represent a diverse range of topics, from hardware/software codesign to cloud computing. They have been selected based on their current and continued popularity in the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library, reflecting their impact and interest among our membership and subscribers.

The papers in this list cover a broad range of topics and remain relevant for setting the foundation of present-day research. In addition, they provide insight into the latest technologies and methodologies used by computer scientists and engineers at that time.

Some papers on this list focus on hardware architecture, such as “Guest Editors’ Introduction: Accelerator Architectures” and “High-Radix Multiplier-Dividers: Theory, Design, and Hardware.” These papers explore the intricacies of hardware design and the techniques used to improve performance.

Other papers, such as “Cloud Computing: Does Nirvana Hide behind the Nebula?” and….

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