Is It Time We Recognize HPC Certification?

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 01/18/2023
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HPC certificationAs new industries and sectors have emerged in recent years, formal training and education have struggled to keep pace. Is there a degree for the Metaverse? What’s the gold standard of education for NFTs or artificial intelligence? High-performance computing (HPC) is no exception. With an expected CAGR of 6.7%, propelling the industry toward a $49.9 billion market value in 2027, global expansion is on the horizon. North America has historically dominated the sector, but APAC and MEA are experiencing high growth, too. In addition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data drive the frenzied adoption of high-performance computing, driving organizations to innovate rapidly. All of this innovation demonstrates a need for a standardized education program.


Current Status of the HCP Industry

Currently, the HPC industry has extreme diversity when it comes to hardware and software across different disciplines, making it challenging to address the ever-changing landscape. Technology changes quickly, tools and teachings are not centralized, and the current education system has significant gaps in teaching users with different backgrounds and knowledge bases. For this cutting-edge industry to maintain its prestigious status and future-driven mission, the discussion around a globally acknowledged HPC Certification emerges.

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