Should Engineering Curriculum Include Cybersecurity and AI Research?

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 01/04/2023
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Including cybersecurity in engineering curriculumThe growing need for cybersecurity has infiltrated every aspect of modern society, down to the individual consumer concerned about how big tech is utilizing their data. Research shows 93% of companies are currently vulnerable to a cyberattack, yet consumers are demanding higher security standards from brands and companies they utilize every day; 31% have stopped using a website, app, or social media platform because they felt uneasy about how their data was being utilized. As the cybersecurity market approaches $258.99 billion by 2025, millions of workers will be employed in cybersecurity roles. However, an alarming 700,000 positions need to be filled, highlighting a distinct knowledge and skills gap that is only becoming more detrimental to society.

Enter the idea that cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) research should be integrated into cybersecurity education. As AI drives economic growth, improves our quality of life, and also enhances economic and national security, it’s critical to expose students to its benefits and potential risks when in the hands of cyberattackers.

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