How High-Performance Computing Can Strengthen the U.S. Government

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Sid Mair
Published 10/28/2020
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President of Penguin Computing, Sid Mair, recently outlined how the U.S. government continues to invest in high performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Various branches of the U.S. government have been investing in new technologies for years. Many may already be aware that much of this investment comes from the U.S. military when it comes to aviation, surveillance, data protection, and more. In fact, even commercially available artificial intelligence systems are being used by aviation maintenance engineers. Law enforcement is another sector that is widely known to use the latest available technology to assist in their operations such as DNA analysis, public video analysis, and officer training.

One branch of government that is less known is the Securities and Exchange Commission. The enforcement agency has developed new tools to help them better detect fraud in financial reports, identify potential trading violations, and help track down potential violators of insider trading. These new tools continue to be improved upon and the SEC continues to further implement these programs.

Even in 2020 and the fight against COVID-19, we see the U.S. government using video AI to slow the spread.

With the current success these government sectors are seeing with the new technology, there is little doubt that they will cease investment.

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