Who (or what) is Baby X?

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Published 08/05/2020
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A fully computer-generated toddler in New Zealand is taking machine learning to a new level.



A researcher for the Auckland Bioengineering Institute Laboratory for Animate Technologies in New Zealand has created an eerily looking baby to mimic the way human babies learn.

It’s name is “Baby X” and it is using the latest technology in machine learning, bioengineering, and computer vision research to continue learning. Although still in the early stages, Baby X is currently able to copy facial expressions, read words aloud, and play basic games.

The intent is to use algorithms to better understand the way a human brain learns and how the chemical interactions contribute to the process. As a result, Baby X is able to view an action like a facial expression, learn from it, and be able to mimic it. Much like the basic learning process of a human toddler. Soon, researchers hope to reach a point where Baby X is able to learn on its own, with little to no help from software engineers and be able to learn on its own much like a real toddler.




The Laboratory for Animate Technologies is developing a whole series of biologically-inspired simulations of neural networks, biomechanical facial expressions, and brain language. Read more about their research on their website.

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