Goodness of Fit

By Grady Booch
Published 11/26/2006
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cityscape with computer chipsIn this Episode

After a wide-ranging conversation with John Backus, Grady concludes that, for a given domain, there are forces at play that are best resolved by a common architectural pattern that allows variants.
From IEEE Software’s Issue No. 06 — Nov./Dec. 2006



Grady Booch
About Grady Booch

Grady Booch is a Chief Scientist of Software Engineering at IBM. He is recognized internationally for improving the art and the science of software development and has served as architect and architectural mentor for numerous complex software-intensive systems around the world. The author of six best-selling books and several hundred articles on computing, he has lectured on topics as diverse as software methodology and the morality of computing. He is an IBM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, an ACM Fellow, a World Technology Network Fellow, and a Software Development Forum Visionary. Learn more about Booch.