IEEE Senior Member Andre Leon S. Gradvohl Talks Cybersecurity Threats in Connected Homes

By Lori Cameron
Published 09/10/2019
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Andre Leon S. Gradvohl, an IEEE senior member, gives his insights on connected homes, briefly explaining the threat associated with the “continuous listening” element of the voice-controlled smart home. Personal assistants like Alexa and Echo pose a real threat to privacy.

Gradvohl is a professor at the School of Technology at the University of Campinas and ad hoc consultant in the Brazil Ministry of Education and São Paulo State Council of Education. He has research experience in computer science, with an emphasis on high-performance computing and distributed computing.Andre-Gradvohl

In a special interactive presentation, Gradvohl talks about smart homes: The Connected Home: Assistants Exposed.

“The most vulnerable is the personal digital assistant. After all, by default, it needs to capture the audio to receive the voice commands. Besides, it is directly connected to the network. However, smart TVs and mobile phones are also potentially vulnerable. The key measures to increase the security of these devices is to verify that the manufacturers implement authentication mechanisms,” he said.

Gradvohl is one of several IEEE Computer Society members who contributed insights for a recent privacy and security campaign featured on the IEEE Transmitter website, a place where industry leaders can keep their fingers planted firmly on the pulse of recent developments in sustainable technology.

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