2020 by the Numbers

Explore IEEE Computer Society community achievements from 2020.
IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 12/30/2020
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2020 was full of twists and turns. We had to adapt, come together as a community, and find creative solutions in the wake of Covid-19.

Although challenging, our members, volunteers, authors, and so many more found the passion and courage needed to help the IEEE Computer Society achieve more than we could have ever imagined.

Explore the IEEE Computer Society by the numbers, and see just how much we have accomplished together.


Our community has grown strong with 225,000 contributes responsible for such a successful year.

Explore volunteer options, discover membership, and join communities to become a part of our 225,000 (and growing) community members.


IEEE Computer Society professional chapters now connect members with an international network of peers and other computing professionals in 168 countries, allowing thought leaders from around the world to connect at all industry levels.


The IEEE Computer Society successfully held, worked on, or participated in 210 international conferences. These included both traditional, in-person conferences and virtual conferences.

Explore our conference calendar for 2021 events, and expand your thinking all year long.


The Computer Society Digital Library is the go-to research discovery platform for our community members and has successfully reached 810,000 published articles.

Our CSDL makes it easy to access and subscribe to any of our 12 magazines, 25 journals, and growing list of conference proceedings on advance computing topics.


In addition to 11 new standards, 2020 provided us with the Standards Activities Board Webinar Series – A FREE webinar series highlighting the IEEE Computer Society’s 250+ active standards that have transformed daily life around the world.


With the help of our dedicated community members, the IEEE Computer Society was able to provide over 3 million dollars (USD) worth of free content to a variety of users.

Content included webinars, CSDL downloads, and beyond.


Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Computer Society.

Make 2021 the year to volunteer for a board or committee, help run a publication, or organize a conference to become part of an internationally recognized association of computing professionals.