February 2022 Newsletter | Technical Community on Very Large Scale Integration

Dr. Mandy Pant
Published 02/24/2022
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TCVLSI Feb 2022 NewsletterExcited to publish and share with the VLSI global community our Technical Community on Very Large Scale Integration (TCVLSI) Volume 8 Issue 1 newsletter, the fifth in my role as the IEEE-TCVLSI Chair. The TCVLSI February 2022 newsletter features an invited article, “Democratization of Chips” by Borivoje Nikolić and Tsu-Jae King Liu (University of California, Berkeley), where the authors talk about initiatives by faculty engaged in semiconductor research and education to leverage a broad and diverse network of universities, strategically partnering with companies, to democratize chip design and supply talent critical to expanding the semiconductor industry ahead. The newsletter spotlights one of TCVLSI’s sponsored symposiums in 2021, IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (iSES) to enable researchers to brainstorm and share their work on the development of smart electronic systems. One-page teasers of the best papers awarded at iSES 2021 are showcased. In our Women in VLSI (WiV) series, we share an inspiring interview with Shlomit Wiess, Senior VP and co-GM of Intel’s Design Engineering Group. For the first time, we introduce Y-WiV (Young Women-in-VLSI) segment, where we feature four outstanding young women who show tremendous promise to go the distance in the field of VLSI in the years ahead. Additionally, included is a section on relevant recent announcements collated by our Associate Editor, Ishan Thakkar. Also included is a call for nominations for 2021 TCVLSI awards.

We’d love to hear from the readers on what you would like to see in the subsequent newsletters. Feel free to provide any feedback/recommendations via email to me. Happy reading.