IEEE Quantum Week: A Vibrant, Diverse, and Valuable Resource for Recruiters

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 03/21/2024
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Exhibiting at QCEThe promise of quantum computers is that they could one day collapse the time required to compute complex problems from decades to hours or even minutes. Yet getting there remains a deeply complicated challenge.

To tackle that challenge, companies and organizations need people with expertise in various foundational areas including mathematics, physics, and computer science. They also need people with knowledge of specific disciplines, from finance and drug development to computer security and mechanical engineering.

For recruiters looking to fill positions in the quantum field, the annual IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering offers unparalleled opportunities to address these diverse needs.

QCE—or IEEE Quantum Week, as it is widely known—is a thriving annual event that attracts experts and aspirants from every sector of the quantum computing world. It thus gives recruiters abundant opportunities to not only meet a wide range of prospective candidates, but also to gain a deeper understanding of this dynamic field and its foundational challenges.


A Cutting-Edge, Multisector Event

IEEE Quantum Week is a flourishing international conference that draws people from all areas—industry, academia, and the public sector—and includes everyone from students to thought leaders and many different types of working professionals in between.

Because quantum computing is an emerging field, the already high level of diversity and excitement at IEEE Quantum Week continues to grow. Ideas are shared and shaped in a week’s worth of formal sessions, workshops, tutorials, and chance conversations. As such, the conference gives recruiters myriad avenues to network and to learn everything from foundational quantum concepts to cutting-edge questions, problems, and solutions.



To get a sense of IEEE Quantum Week’s diverse program, consider this partial list of 2023 keynotes speakers and topics:

  • Helmut Katsgraber, Global Practice Lead at Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, discussed how Amazon Web Services is working to bring quantum technologies to its customers.
  • Laura Schulz, head of Quantum Computing and Technologies at the Leibniz Supercomputing Center, spoke on integrating quantum acceleration into high-performance computing to tackle deeply complex scientific and engineering challenges.
  • David Awschalom, University of Chicago professor and director of Q-Next, discussed crucial emerging opportunities for national quantum research centers to collaborate with industry in engineering quantum technologies at the atomic scale.
  • Sarah Sheldon, IBM Quantum’s senior manager of Quantum Theory and Capabilities, spoke about entering the age of quantum utility and how we might employ quantum computers for near-term studies of interesting problems using error suppression and error mitigation techniques.
  • Marco Pistoia, head of Quantum Computing and Applied Research at JPMorgan Chase, discussed the state of the art of quantum computing in finance, focusing on quantum algorithms and applications for financial use cases.


Panel Discussions

IEEE Quantum Week’s expert panels focus on enlightening, impactful discussions on varied topics, from hardware–software codesign to quantum workforce training. The international researchers and practitioners leading these workshops aim to both share their insights and to engage the conference community in stimulating discussions.

In 2023, IEEE Quantum Week’s Panels Program included 12 panels. Among the panel topics were quantum standards, quantum–classical processing, laboratory funding, and the challenges enterprises face in adopting quantum computing.


The IEEE Quantum Week program also includes dozens of tutorials, including general introductions to quantum computing and how-to sessions on specific tools or challenges. Among the 30 tutorials at the 2023 conference were the following:



IEEE Quantum Week workshops offer forums for smaller groups to discuss topics in quantum research, practice, education, and applications. These community-building workshops draw diverse attendees including scientists, developers, educators, and entrepreneurs—as well as newcomers—to exchange and discuss early-stage scientific and engineering ideas.

The 33 workshops at the 2023 conference were led by high-level international experts from academia, industry, and government labs. Following are a few of those workshops, which exemplify the diversity of IEEE Quantum Week topics, learning opportunities, and attendees:

As these program examples shows, IEEE Quantum Week’s sessions and their presenters can give recruiters insights into the field and its current issues. It can also give them a deeper understanding of the positions their company needs to fill now and in the future.


Formal Recruiting Opportunities

In addition to the conference program and informal networking opportunities, IEEE Quantum Week also offers recruiters and their companies focused, formal options for engaging with job seekers.


The Quantum Week Career Fair

The Career Fair invites recruiters to connect with prospective hires at all levels, from students to post-docs to professionals. During the Career Fair, recruiters can share information about their organization and its culture, discuss existing or upcoming open positions, and interview candidates for specific jobs.

IEEE Quantum Week also supports recruiters by posting their open positions on the conference site. In addition, it lets job seekers post resumes and personal profiles to give recruiters further information on candidates’ interests and experience.


The Exhibition Hall

By participating in the IEEE Quantum Week Exhibition Hall, companies and organizations can create a base of operations to engage with attendees and prospective hires throughout the conference.

The Exhibition Hall is a hive of activity that gives recruiters and all attendees myriad opportunities to experience cutting-edge quantum technologies, as well as to share their own specific contributions to the field’s ongoing evolution.


Next Steps

The 2023 IEEE Quantum Week website offers detailed information about all of last year’s sessions, presenters, and events. It also provides an overview of what recruiters can expect from the 2024 IEEE Quantum Week conference, which will be held 15–20 September 2024 in Montreal. Registration is open from 14 April through 5 August.