SUSCOMP 2021: NSF Workshop Series on Sustainable Computing

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 09/21/2021
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SUSCOMP21Optimized performance in computing is an ongoing pursuit. It has led to the discovery of new computer design methodologies for various important application domains. But in all of our pursuits to increase performance, we’ve failed to include a few key components. Sustainability.

We face threats on multiple fronts including the metals extracted in conflict zones, electronic equipment depleting our planet’s energy resources, and impact of climate change due to CO2 emissions. There is an urgent need to consider factors beyond operational-phase energy consumption of the computing infrastructure.

This is a call to the research community to be aware of the greater impact on society and environment as we design the next generation of computers.



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Identifying and bridging gaps in knowledge are key to its mission to make computers sustainable. Previous endeavors have been limited in scope, neglecting procurement of raw materials, total life cycle analysis, impact on the environment, and energy footprint.

To increase awareness among computing researchers, SUSCOMP21 is organizing a series of activities to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas across disciplines in not only computer science but also environmental and political sciences. The focus will be to identify sustainable methodologies for the design and operation of computing infrastructure.

These discussions will happen virtually. After which, SUSCOMP21 will host in-person workshops bringing researchers together to further dive into the lessons learned from the virtual discussions and how they can be applied to internet of things (IoT) to warehouse-scale data centers.

Thrust Areas

  • Life cyle science for computing infrastructure
  • Environmental sciences and raw materials for computing fabrics
  • Metrics for sustainability of computing
  • Sustainability in servers, data centers, and supercomputers
  • Sustainable microelectronics and integrated circuits

SUSCOMP21 will take place in two phases. Phase I will include a keynote talk series from September to November with Diana Marculescu from the University of Texas at Austin. Phase II will comprise of breakout workshops.

Visit the SUSCOMP21 to learn more about this event and save your seat in the discussions.

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