A tech revolution is underway that will fundamentally change the world’s industrial and occupational landscape. Are you appropriately positioned?

By Lori Cameron
Published 04/19/2019
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Innovations in services applications are transforming industry in profound ways, enabling information and computing tech to perform business services more efficiently. It also involves building autonomous infrastructures that require minimal human involvement.

One of the most underappreciated aspects of this technology is how all of these massive applications must work together. Cutting-edge developments in cloud, edge, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems, as well as intelligent computing, deep learning, big data, and blockchain are already impressive enough. However, effectively managing how to integrate these massive and sophisticated technologies requires a knowledge base wider than any one department or company.

No other event takes this holistic approach to services technologies.

Joseph Sifakis, keynote speaker

Navigating these technologies and determining the best approach to adopting and implementing them warrants careful consideration, aided by leveraging the knowledge and experience of a global group of experts.

This summer, one of the largest gatherings of computing professionals will converge on Milan, Italy for the 15th Annual SERVICES 2019 Congress (July 8-13) to resolve these challenges.

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Researchers will also address service computing’s ongoing demand for high performance, security, privacy, dependability, trustworthiness, re-usability, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness.

No other event takes this holistic approach to services technologies.

The Congress features seven co-located conferences solely sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society:

  1. IEEE International Congress on Big Data
  2. IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing
  3. IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing
  4. IEEE International Congress on Cognitive Computing
  5. IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things Services
  6. IEEE International Conference on Web Services
  7. IEEE International Conference on Services Computing

Anchoring these concurrent programs are the keynote speakers who rank among the most respected subject matter experts in industry and academia. They hail from some of the world’s leading institutions:

Kathryn Guarini, keynote speaker
  1. Joseph Sifakis, emeritus senior CNRS researcher at Verimag, France, proposes a general computational model combining a system architecture model made up of dynamic reconfigurable components, and an agent model consisting of interacting modules that implement one of five features: perception, reflection, goal management, planning and self-adaptation.
  2. Kathryn Guarini, vice president of IBM Industry Research, New York City, reveals how technology advancements are accelerating, creating new opportunities for industry transformation and growth, with artificial intelligence and blockchain emerging as key disruptors. Her talk will detail the rapid progress of these technologies, highlight the unique requirements for deployment, and showcase compelling use cases across different industries.

    Sumi Helal, keynote speaker
  3. Sumi Helal, professor and chair in Digital Health at Lancaster University, UK, presents a microservices architecture for digital health for both active/healthy aging and chronic disease management, which demonstrates how microservices can integrate Health IoT devices into clinical care pathways and empower communities economically.

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About registration

Registration is now open. Fees include access to all co-located conferences, and admission to the reception and banquet. The main conference venue is the Università degli Studi di Milano and secondary venue is the Hotel NH Collection Milano President.



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