ICSME and Extraordinary Challenges: How Software Industry Leaders Can Prepare for the Booming Trillion Dollar Market

By Lori Cameron
Published 05/20/2019
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As the software industry accelerates at breakneck speed, the global market is poised to reach one trillion dollars by 2030, analysts say. A lot is riding on the next 11 years.

Until then, industry leaders face extraordinary challenges.

First, the world needs millions more software developers than it has. The need for top-tier talent is especially acute.

Future of programming: Low Code/No Code

Furthermore, the staggering growth of IoT devices, sensors, and higher-level machines — as well as state-of-the-art developments in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing — demand ever-increasing innovations in software performance, scalability, and security.

New programming languages are needed to handle the real-time interaction and distribution required by complex cyber-physical systems. Likewise, significant shifts in platform development are changing the way developers use hardware and the software that drives it.

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“Low code/no code” is becoming the future of programming.

The gauntlet has been thrown.

How industry can meet software challenges

To meet these challenges head-on, industry leaders must tap the experts who are advancing software research, development, and innovation. Toward that end, the IEEE Computer Society is sponsoring the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), the premier international event in the software maintenance and evolution field. This year, the top minds in software engineering will convene in Cleveland, Ohio, from 30 September 2019 to 4 October 2019 to address these important industry challenges.

Members of the ICSME program committee represent many different countries of the world. Many of the authors of papers also represent the software engineering interests of the international community. A main goal of ICSME is to bring together all stakeholders—researchers, practitioners, developers, users, technology transfer experts, and project managers.

Pictured above are the authors of “Beyond Metadata: Code-centric and Usage-based Analysis of Known Vulnerabilities in Open-source Software” and recipients of the IEEE Technical Committee on Scalable Computing Distinguished Paper Award at ICSME 2018.

Attendees can expect to hear talks on novel tools, new algorithms, new theories, modeling languages, infrastructures, processes, methods, and other technologies. They can also expect to hear about the latest in software evolution, current state-of-the-art achievements, systematic literature reviews, forward-looking thought pieces, work connected to other disciplines, and historical perspectives.

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The importance of software maintenance is being increasingly recognized, both in terms of professional and public perception. Participants from academia, government, and industry will share their expertise in blended sessions, solving the most critical software maintenance problems of the day.

What are the software topics of ICSME

Among the topics addressed at ICSME will be the following:

  • Change and defect management productivity of software engineers.
  • Code cloning and provenance release engineering.
  • Concept and feature location reverse engineering and re-engineering.
  • Continuous integration/deployment run-time evolution and dynamic configuration.
  • Empirical studies of software maintenance and evolution service oriented and cloud computing.
  • Evolution of non-code artifacts software and system comprehension.
  • Human aspects of software maintenance and evolution software migration and renovation.
  • Maintenance and evolution of model-based methods software quality assurance.
  • Maintenance and evolution processes software refactoring and restructuring.
  • Maintenance and evolution of mobile apps software testing theory and practice.
  • Mining software repositories source code analysis and manipulation.

ISCME’s partnership with two related conferences: VISSOFT and SCAM

ICSME will also be held alongside two other co-located events: 19th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM 2019) and the 7th IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization (VISSOFT 2019).

The demo session at SCAM 2018 featured Bitergia’s toolset (pictured) as well as GrammaTech’s Code Sonar, ABB’s CoBlox, and others.

The aim of SCAM 2019 is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on theory, techniques, and applications which concern analysis or manipulation of the source code of computer systems. While much attention in the wider software engineering community is properly directed towards other aspects of systems development and evolution, it is the source code that contains the only precise description of the behavior of the system. The analysis and manipulation of source code thus remain a pressing concern.

VISSOFT 2019 focuses on visualization techniques that target aspects of software maintenance and evolution, program comprehension, reverse engineering, and reengineering. It will examine how visualization helps professionals to understand, analyze, test and evolve software.

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About Registration

Registration will open soon. In the meantime, you can browse for details at the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME) website.

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