Welcome to the IEEE Computer Society’s New Digital Experience

Published 02/27/2019
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Dear Members and Visitors,

On behalf of the IEEE Computer Society, I am excited to announce our new website, designed to provide a better digital experience on www.computer.org.

This new experience offers the best top-to-bottom journey through the many programs, products, and services that make the IEEE Computer Society an information powerhouse for computer science and engineering.

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The new site includes:

  • Changes to navigation, with menus for both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Enhanced search making it easier to find the content you need to make your job easier.
  • A new Tech News section featuring the latest news in research, events, and technology trends, including analyses and commentary from volunteers and contributors.
  • Easier navigation through the Computer Society’s 200 premier technical conferences making it easier to navigate the conference calendar, calls for papers, and proceedings.
  • World-class peer-reviewed research from the society’s 12 magazines, 19 journals, 200+ conferences are more conveniently housed in pages for Publications and for the Computer Society Digital Library, with more than 700,000 pieces of trusted, reliable content.
  • A new platform to recognize IEEE Computer Society’s technology innovators — our authors, researchers, volunteers, and award recipients — and highlight how their contributions are advancing the computing profession.

In addition to these changes above, there are a host of others for you to discover and experience on the new IEEE Computer Society site; and additional improvements are on the way. Please explore and let us know what you think, so we can continue to better serve your needs.

Thanks for visiting the site today and in the future. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the IEEE Computer Society digital experience team at help@computer.org.

Best regards,

Professor Cecilia Metra

University of Bologna, Italy

2019 IEEE Computer Society President

Cecilia Metra