IEEE Computer Society
2021 Global Student Challenge
(IEEE CS GSC 2021)

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The IEEE Computer Society Global Student Challenge provides a platform for students from all over the world to create innovative solutions to big data problems.  For this year’s competition, each student OR team (max three students) is required to present a solution to a pre-determined problem/issue statement. This year two challenge problems are being posed, both on topics of relevance today — one on analyzing sentiments in tweets related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the second on analyzing computer system usage and failure data from a university’s central computing system.

Submissions will be evaluated based on quantitative performance on predicting events in an unseen dataset, an oral presentation given by the teams to a team of international judges, and the novelty of the solution. The three winning teams will be facilitated virtually.

Register yourself or your team today and test and showcase your skills against other students from around the world.


Reasons to Participate | Competition Rules | Prizes

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Reasons to participate

  • Showcase your technical skills.
  • Exposure in front of an international team of judges
  • Compete amongst a global community of students with interest in Computer Science and Engineering.


Registration Opens 15 March

Each team must register for the competition. Participating teams will be invited to an onboarding session. Late registrants will receive a recording of the onboarding session.


Key Dates

Competition Begins 1 May

Submission Deadline 31 May

Competition Rules

The teams may use any resources at their disposal, though credit will be given for novelty of solution. Teams may not collaborate with other teams. The software submitted must be runnable in a Jupyter notebook.


1st place finisher: $1,000
First runner up: $800
Second runner up: $500
Audience choice winner: $300
Special CS Award Winner: $400

Sponsored by KAUST: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Learn About KAUST

For more information about the contest, contact Saurabh Bagchi at

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