COMPSAC 2021 Keynote: IEEE in an Internet Dominated World

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 09/07/2021
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July 12, 2021 saw the start of the IEEE Computer Society’s signature Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC). COMPSAC is an annual, week-long conference that brings together computer science and information technology professionals and researchers from across the globe to network and present their latest findings The meeting rotated annually from Asia, North American, and Europe until the outbreak of the pandemic. Unfortunately, for the second year—and perhaps the last— this year’s edition of the 45-year-old conference had to be conducted virtually, essentially disrupting the cycle. 2021 was a special year for COMPSAC as it was held during the Computer Society’s 75th anniversary year.



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As we work together to support the mission and vision of the IEEE, we must remain steadfast in our support for the use of a standardized and peer-reviewed approach in support of scientific research. This will remain a critical tool for successfully navigating our complex world. Without it, we would be forced to rely solely on intuition, other people’s authority, and blind luck.

In her talk, 2021 IEEE President Kathy Land discusses cancel culture, social media, its possible impact on the science and technology community and the role IEEE and our members must play.

Sign in, to watch President Land’s keynote discussion on cancel culture and the role IEEE and IEEE Computer Society members must play to positively impact the computing world in the future.



COMPSAC is the IEEE Computer Society Signature Conference on Computers, Software and Applications. It is a major international forum for academia, industry, and government to discuss research results and advancements, emerging challenges, and future trends in computer and software technologies and applications. The theme of COMPSAC 2021 is “Intelligent and Resilient Computing for a Collaborative World.”

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