Dr. Mandy Pant – 2021 SRC Champion Award Recipient

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 09/27/2021
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Dr. Mandy PantEvery year IEEE Computer Society celebrates computing champions from across its membership with its prestigious awards. We honor these individuals to bring visibility and recognition to their contributions to their field of computing. In addition, it brings the opportunity to share advancements and current challenges the field is working to solve.

This month, one of our own has been awarded the 2021 Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Champion award. Join us in congratulating Dr. Mandy Pant, Technical Committee on Very Large Scale Integration (TCVLSI) Chair, for her contributions and achievements in semiconductors.


SRC Champion Award

The SRC Champion award has been awarded annually since 2018 to recognize an individual who is a strong advocate for SRC within their respective community, promoting knowledge and excitement about SRC.

Winners of the Champion award go above and beyond the normal calling and work to grow the relationship between their company and SRC due to their strong alignment with SRC’s mission.


Dr. Mandy Pant, SRC Champion award recipient

Dr. Mondira (Mandy) Pant has recently taken up a role as TA, Lead Technologist for Intel’s Design Engineering Group as of May 2021. Prior to this, Dr. Pant served as Principal Engineer and Academic Research Director at Intel Labs. Her leadership at SRC includes service in the JUMP/nCORE Science Advisory Board, and currently, a member of the NST++Science Advisory Panel (SAP), working to define a potential new set of DARPA Innovation Centers.

Her contributions and involvement in SRC research have helped 266 Intel task liaisons engage in SRC research that maps to their interests and corporate priorities. Additionally, she has helped highlight the launch of SRC’s Decadal Plan for Semiconductors in the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Large Scale Integration newsletter.

Dr. Pant has published more than 20 technical papers, has three issued patents, and has five pending patents. She received her Bachelors (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering from I.I.T Kharagpur, India, a Masters (MS) in Electrical Engineering, and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.


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